How-to add a Domain Alias in cPanel

How-to park a domain name in cPanel. Learn what a parked domain is, how to add a parked domain to your cPanel account and how to remove a parked domain.

Cron Jobs FAQ

Frequently asked questions for scheduling and running cron jobs on your cPanel shared and reseller web hostiing.

How-to create an addon domain in cPanel

How to create addon domain names in cPanel. This guide explains everything you need to know about hosting an additional domain name on your Ecenica web hosting plan.

How-to setup DKIM Email Signing

Learn how to enable DKIM email authentication, available in Ecenica cPanel hosting. DKIM email authentication verifies emails sent from your domain and improves email deliverability.

How-to load PHP modules on your cPanel hosting

How-to choose and run additional custom php modules on your Ecenica cPanel web hosting. Select your PHP version and load extra PHP modules for your web apps in cPanel control panel.