Why Update WordPress?

Updating WordPress

Updating WordPress gives you access to the latest WordPress features, improved performance and better security. This week we look at why it’s a good idea to update your WordPress website and offer tips and suggestions for making updating WordPress even easier

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WordPress 3.91 Now Available In Ecenica Apps

WordPress 3.9.1 now available as a 1-click install

The latest WordPress 3.9.1 Maintenance Release is now available in Ecenica Free Apps WordPress say the new maintenance release fixes 34 bugs found in WordPress 3.9. Fixes include bugs in WordPress multisite, minor issues in widgets, and fixes to the visual editor. Whilst only a small update it’s still worth updating your WordPress site. And of course, always remember to take a couple of moments to take a backup of your WordPress site before updating. For more detailed list of what’s been fixed see the official WordPress 3.9.1 Maintenance Release page or read the WordPress 3.9.1 changelog. Other updated to

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