Fix mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded

If your email account does not have enough free disk space to store email you’ll see the following error message when attempting to receive email from anther email account. mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded This means the email account has exceeded the amount of disk space allocated to the email account and it can not accept new email, or store sent messages. If you have configured your email client to store copies of sent messages on your server you may also find it times out giving the appearance of emails not being sent. To resolve simply create some free

How-to fix Mail can’t verify the identity of mail server

When you open Mail on your Mac you see a warning message: Mail can’t verify the identity of “”. Temporary fix Check Always trust “” when connecting to “” Click Connect This will make the warning message disappear, however the message will appear again when the mail server’s SSL certificates are next updated. Permanent fix To permanently fix the error change your Mac’s Mail settings to use your package’s SSL incoming and outgoing servers for your email account. See How-to Enable SSL Email in Apple Mail for steps.

How to archive email in Apple Mail

These steps show you how to permanently download email messages from your online mailbox and keep a copy on your Mac for archiving. Open Apple Mail Click Mailbox menu > New Mailbox Set the location to ‘On My Mac’ Set a name for the mailbox. For example; ‘Archived Email’ Click OK You’ll see your new mailbox appear in the left hand list under the heading On My Mac You can now drag and drop emails from your online mailbox to the new mailbox saved on your Mac.