Email Filters in cPanel are an easy and efficient way to manage your emails. In this article we’ll outline how you can access and set up email filters in cPanel.

Accessing Email Filters

There are two ways to access email filters. Through Webmail as the email account user or through cPanel as the account admin.

Accessing Email Filters via Webmail

  1. Log in to Webmail. Access, replacing with your domain name.
  2. Click the username dropdown-menu at the top right then click Email Filters.

Accessing Email Filters via cPanel

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click Email Filters under the Email section.
  3. Click Manage Filters next to the email account you wish to edit.

Create an Email Filter

  1. Access the email filter page as above. Click Create a New Filter
  2. Enter a Filter Name
  3. Configure your filter’s rules and actions. For detailed information on how to configure your filter please see cPanel’s How to Configure Mail Filters article.
  4. Click Create to add your email filter.

Edit a Email filter

  1. Click Edit next to the filter name.
  2. Change your filter settings.
  3. Click Save

Delete a Email filter

  1. Click Delete next to the filter name.
  2. Click Delete Filter

Example Email Filters

These are example filter rules. Replace with the email address you wish to filter.

Whitelist an email address

Name: Whitelist Email
Rules: Fromcontains –
Actions: Deliver to FolderINBOX