Configure WordPress W3 Total Cache with Memcached

We explain how you can configure WordPress W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress website to use Memcached server. Memcached is available with Cloud Servers. These steps assume you have already installed W3 Total Cache on your WordPress website. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard Click Performance Click General Settings under the Performance menu Under Database Cache check Enable and select Memcached from the drop-down menu and click Save all settings. Under Object Cache check Enable and select Memcached from the drop-down menu and click Save all settings. Note. We recommend Page Cache is set to use Disk: Enhanced

Laravel environment variables for sending email via cPanel

When configuring your Larval app to send email via a cPanel server please set the following environment variables in your .env file: Setting Value MAIL_DRIVER smtp MAIL_HOST mail.example.comNote: This is an example. Please use your actual domain. MAIL_PORT 587 MAIL_USERNAME info@example.comNote: This is an example. Please use your actual domain. MAIL_PASSWORD Your mailbox password. MAIL_ENCRYPTION tls

How to show errors in PrestaShop

Debugging PrestaShop helps you quickly find and fix errors and warnings in your PrestaShop site code, modules and themes. By default, PrestaShop does not show warnings or errors. Enabling debugging is easy. Steps to enable debugging in PrestaShop version 1.5.3 and later Open config/ in your code editor or in cPanel File Manager Locate the following line Change to Save your changes Your PrestaShop site will now display any errors, notices and warnings from your plugins, themes and code. For security we strongly recommend disabling PS_MODE_DEV once you’ve finished debugging.

Receiving spam email which contains your password

You may receive a spam email which contains a password you use for your services or a previous password you may have used. This is a well known scam tactic as these reports linked below show: Actionfraud Police UK The way that the scammers obtain your email address and password is from previous data breaches which have compromised your details. You can find out if any of your data has ever been compromised by entering your email address at a website below: Have i been pwned? What to do now: Important: Do not reply to the spam email or

Apple Mail: How-to update existing email account settings

In this article we explain how you can check and update your email settings for your email account in Apple Mail for MacOS. If you’re having trouble sending or receiving email from your Mac it is good idea to check you have the correct settings. Steps to check Apple Mail email account settings Select the Mail menu and click Preferences. Click the Accounts tab. Select your email account on the left. Click the Server Settings tab. Check the following settings: Incoming Mail Server settings: Username: Your email address. For example, Password: Your mailbox password Host name:, replacing

Getting Started with WooCommerce

This is a guide for the first few steps to get started with your new WooCommerce powered online shop. Step 1: Log in to WordPress Dashboard Every part of your online shop can be managed from your WordPress Dashboard. To log in please see How to log in to WordPress Dashboard Step 2: Creating Products As part of the Online Store we’ll have set up a number of demo products. The fastest and best way to add new products to your online store is to create duplicates of these demo products. How to duplicate an existing product Click Products from

What if I misspelled my domain name when I registered it?

We know spotting a misspelling in a newly registered domain name is frustrating. Unfortunately, we’re unable to change or edit the spelling of a domain name after you’ve registered it. We’ll register your domain name exactly as you enter it during the checkout process, including any misspellings, typos or errors. It’s therefore very important to check your domain name for spelling errors or mistakes, before completing your order. If you have accidentally registered a domain name with a spelling error, you have the option to cancel the domain so that it no longer registered to you. Please note, cancelling a

Rejected – TRUSTmanager (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

We know our customers depend on their email and we work hard to try to make sure every email gets through to its destination. Despite our best efforts, due to the nature of email, messages can be rejected due to issues outside of our control. This guide shows you how to resolve issues with email being rejected by TrustManager, an email software provided by Clearswift Secure Email Gateway. Problem Email is being rejected. Symptoms Your email is working normally, but when you email a specific email address your email is being rejected and returned to you with a non delivery

Email Account Security

At , we care deeply about securing and protecting our customers personal data. We know how important security is to our customers and helping our customers secure their email account from hackers and bad actors is a key part of our customer experience. Consequently all our services are built around strong security. Here are some of the security measures we use, and advice we encourage you to follow, to keep your email account secure; Protect Your Email Password The most important way of keeping your email account secure is to protect your email password. You must never disclose your email

How to change ‘Sent from my iPhone’ signature

You can edit the ‘Sent from my iPhone’ signature by following these steps; On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; Go to Settings. Tap Mail. Tap Signature. Tap on the existing ‘Sent from my iPhone’ text. Enter a new signature or remove the text message to turn off the signature. Tap Mail in the top left corner to save your changes.

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address, also known as static IP or fixed IP, is a unique Internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account or website.

Using FileZilla to connect to your cPanel FTP

Overview FileZilla is a free, open-source FTP client for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You can use FileZilla to connect to any service using FTP, SFTP, and Terminal. Instructions Download FileZilla for Windows or Mac Install FileZilla Open FileZilla At the top you’ll see Host, Username, Password and Port In these boxes you’ll want to enter your FTP details. These will be as follows: Hostname: Username: Your cPanel username. This can be found in your Dashboard > Products / Services Password: Your cPanel password Port: 21 After entering these details, click the Quickconnect button FileZilla will connect to

Do you offer IMAP?

Yes. We support both IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and IMAP over SSL. Our IMAP servers support push-email with support for the IMAP IDLE command.

Useful Git Commands

Add a remote git remote add origin See Adding a remote – GitHub Help Create and checkout a new branch git checkout -b [branchname] example; git checkout -b master Checkout a remote branch git checkout -b [localbranchname] origin/[remotebranchname] example; git checkout -b master origin/master Delete a local branch git branch -D [branchname] example; git branch -D BranchName Delete a remote branch git push origin –delete [branchname] example; git push origin –delete BranchName Automatically stage tracked files git add -u Automatically stage tracked files in a folder git add -u folder_name example; git add -u myfoldername Commit git commit -m

What is System Status?

View System Status. We understand how important it is to keep you up-to-date with the latest system status notices which may affect your service. Our official System Status page provides you with up to the minute information on the status of all services and what steps we are taking to restore normal service. If your issue is not highlighted on our system status then please open a support ticket. To to view system status notices which may apply to your service please first login to your Dashboard and then revisit the system status page. What each status level means; Scheduled

Why do I see a £1 charge when my payment failed

When you add a new payment card to Dashboard, we send a request to your issuing bank for either a £0 or a £1 authorisation (different banks allow different amounts) to verify that the card you have added is issued and that your bank will allow it to be authorised. We reverse our authorisation request immediately regardless of whether or not the authorisation is declined. However, even if your bank declines the authorisation, you may still see an authorisation for £1 on your credit card statement. The important thing to remember is that this is not a charge, and it