Ecenica Dashboard Release Notes 1.0

We’re thrilled to announce that Ecenica Dashboard our exclusive web hosting and billing portal, has officially reached Version 1.0! This release marks a significant milestone for us, with over a dozen new features, 250+ fixes and updates packed into this exciting update.

In this blog post, we delve into the key improvements and enhancements included with Version 1.0 of Ecenica Dashboard. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started, these updates are designed to make your web hosting and domain name experience smoother and more efficient.

If you have any questions about this release or need assistance, our dedicated team is here to help. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

General Enhancements

  • Add breadcrumb menu at the top of each Dashboard page to aid navigation.
  • Improved Web Hosting Affiliate dashboard for Affiliate Members.
  • Added a new Affiliate FAQ.

Login Improvements

  • Tabbing between inputs is now more intuitive.
  • Improved two-factor authentication and bug fixes.
  • Pasting your OTP code will now auto-log you in.

Account Management

– Revamped account homepage with direct links to key sections.
– Added email preferences selection to the main account settings.

Switch Accounts
– Redesigned switch accounts interface for easier account navigation.
– Clear indication of the currently logged-in account.
– Added ticket count for quick support activity overview.

Team Management
– New team member addition feature with customizable permissions.


Two-Step Verification
– Rebranded as “2-Step Verification” for clarity.
– Streamlined and improved the setup process.

Support and Ticketing

Support Tickets
– Upgraded Support Tickets list view.
– Added a navigation overview page for smoother small-screen navigation.
– New ticket billing department layout to make it easier to select the correct department.
– Easier ticket creation.
– New drag and drop attachments.
– Improved file attachment support.
– Various bug fixes.

Payments and Billing

– Introduced a new “Payments” page to track payment activity.

Payment Methods
– Fixed card updating issues.
– Improved error handling and resolved minor bugs.

– Fixed a bug preventing invoices dated after 2021 from downloading.
– Improved loading times for members with numerous past invoices.
– Added support for the US date format.
– Enhanced line item display and resolved bugs.

Email Management

– Fixed issues related to email password updates on addon domains.
– Addressed minor layout bugs.
– Improved email account display on smaller screens.
– Added a “Connect Device” feature for easier email app setup.
– Included shortcut links for Spam, Email Filters, Email Deliverability, and Default (catch-all).

Email Forwarding
– Resolved issues with creating and deleting email forwarders.
– Now view email forwards for hosting plans with multiple domains.
– Validated email forwarders to allow hyphens.

Website Management

Website Forwarding
– Fixed a bug related to web forwarding when DNS records were missing.
– Added a confirmation prompt for web forward deletion.
– Removed A and CNAME records when deleting a web forward from Ecenica DNS.
– Minor UI enhancements.
– Preserved DNS records when removing a web forward from an alias-connected domain.

Connecting Domains
– Fixed a bug preventing the display of newly connected domains.

Notifications and Communication

– Addressed minor bugs and enhanced security.
– Fix long subject layout bug in email notifications.

Domain Management

Domain Names
– Now include the domain name in the URL for easy identification.
– Added domain auto-suggest during searches.
– Enabled disabling auto-renew for expired domains in the grace period.
– Resolved pricing bug for Whois Privacy.
– Enhanced domain pricing page.
– Added support for Ecenica Domain Discount Club (Beta).
– Improved pagination links for domain filtering.
– Added the option to filter domains by auto-renewal status.

Domain Transfers
– Enhanced domain checks during transfers.
– Streamlined the EPP/Auth code workflow.
– Added an option to generate EPP/Auth codes.

Domain Verification
– Improved domain verification notes, including the recipient’s email address.
– Included email subject for easier identification.
– Enhanced verification notice buttons for small screens.
– Displayed pending approval contact details for domains requiring verification.

Name Servers
– Fixed layout issues.
– Enhanced name server validation and error messages.

Hosting and Servers

VPS Cloud Servers
– Introduced a new product overview layout.
– Added tooltips with server hardware information (CPU, SSD, Memory).
– Addressed minor bugs.

Cloud Hosting
– Added new shortcut links.
– Included JetBackup (backup addon) links.
– Option to display links in tabs or as a list.
– Added a domain transfer button for domains registered outside of Ecenica.
– Added “Websites” to the usage pie chart.

Google Workspace

  • Google Workspace
  • Renamed “Users” to “Licenses” for clarity in user and license management.
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Today, 10th March 2023 marks an incredible milestone for Ecenica – our 19th anniversary! It’s hard to believe how much time has gone by since we first began offering web hosting services in the UK. Looking back on the last 19 years, I’m filled with immense pride for everything we’ve achieved.

When we first started in March 2004, we only offered shared web hosting on Windows Server 2003. Today, we’re a Nominet Accredited Nominet Registrar, offering professional domain name registration services, fast premium web hosting with managed WordPress Hosting and Managed Cloud VPS servers. It’s been a wild ride, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing team we have at Ecenica that made all of this possible.

One of the things that amazes me the most is that we still have Ecenica customers from 2004. It’s a true testament to our commitment to providing excellent service and support. We’re also proud of our green hosting credentials and our dedication to supporting local businesses and communities.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of serving customers from all around the world. It’s been truly exciting to see our customers grow with us, and we still enjoy helping new customers launch their online presence.

I also want to take a moment to reflect on the diverse range of users, companies, and organizations that have chosen Ecenica as their web hosting provider. From small start-ups to large corporations, we’re proud to have such a diverse group of customers. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting websites for non-profits, educational institutions, government agencies, and many others. It’s a privilege to be a part of their online journey and to support them in achieving their goals. No matter the size or type of organization, we strive to provide the same level of exceptional service and support to each and every one of our customers.

On behalf of the Ecenica team, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of our Ecenica family. We hope you’ll continue to host with us for many years to come.

If you’re considering trying out our range of web hosting plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Here’s to the next 19 years and beyond!

Best regards,

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Green Web Hosting, such as the services provided by Ecenica, is often an important reason for choosing a web hosting provider. At Ecenica we’re committed to providing high quality, affordable Green Web Hosting through the use of renewable energy sources, energy efficient servers and green business practices to reduce the digital carbon footprint of web hosting. If you’re looking switch please see our range of green web hosting plans.

What Is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting, also known as eco-friendly web hosting, or carbon-neutral hosting, is a commitment to providing more sustainable web hosting services which consume less energy, use renewable energy sources, and produce less carbon footprint than traditional web hosting services.

What is the environmental impact of web hosting?

Some estimates suggest the Internet is responsible for 3.7% of global emissions. A carbon footprint greater than the aviation industry. Some estimates even suggest Internet emissions will double by 2025.

Web servers powering websites and email consume power and produce heat which in turn requires energy to run cooling systems. Traditional energy production relies on the burning of fossil fuels which is the main source of carbon emissions.

Green Hosting matters as it is a commitment to reducing the carbon emissions ensuring we can reduce the footprint of hosting a website and email.

What are the benefits of Ecenica Green Web Hosting?

Ecenica green web hosting offers high quality web hosting services which have minimal impact on our environment. We achieve this through the following ways:

Eco-friendly Datacenter

The energy powering our datacenter is 100% powered by renewable resources, sources being wind, sun and tidal power.

Our datacenter has a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.2 which is considered “green”. PUE is a good indicator of sustainability as lower numbers represent lower energy consumption. An average data center has a PUE rating of 1.7 to 2.0.

We’re able to achieve such efficient energy usage without compromising on server uptime/performance though green technologies like adiabatic cooling. Which minimise the energy and resources used to cool our servers.

Low-energy Web Servers

We’ve hand built our servers to be green, using the very latest ultra low power enterprise components such as CPUs, memory and latest SSD NVMe storage. We’re a heavy user of virtualization and have used virtualization since the early days to improve server efficiency by running multiple servers on a single, low energy server. This means our server ecosystem as a whole uses far less power than a traditional server setup.

Sustainable Business

We take a ‘green’ low energy approach to our day-to-day business practices as well. Our team has always looked to ways to reduce their energy consumption, ‘go green’ and reduce their impact on the planet. Where possible we encourage our teams to work from home, reducing unnecessary commutes which produce pollution. We recycle our phones, tablets and computers and swap to new energy efficient alternatives when the opportunity arrives.

100% Electric Company Car Fleet

Electric cars offer many environmental benefits over petrol and diesel cars. We’ve recently taken delivery of our first electric car and we’re committed to swapping all our staff to electric company cars.

Green Partners

We rely on a wide range of trusted partners to deliver our high-quality services to our customer. From our server chassis and network switch manufacturers to our SSL certificate provider and Stripe, our secure payment processor. We’re working towards all our suppliers being green and showing they have the same commitment to reducing their carbon footprint as we do.

Local Green Initiatives

When talking about climate change it’s easy to ignore the impact of web hosting on the local level. We’re always working hard to reduce our local carbon footprint and reduce our impact on our local friends and partners. We also work with local schools to help educate children about green web hosting and measures they can take to reduce their own digital carbon-foot print.

How Green Web Hosting Benefits your customers, users and clients

You can be assured by hosting your website and email with Ecenica, you and your users are helping the environment through using a service which is committed to a low carbon footprint.

You can display a badge or banner on your website showing your commitment and that you care about the planet.

Committed to Net Zero by 2030

How can I get Green Hosting?

All our WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Cloud VPS Servers, email and domain services are low-energy, green hosting services.

As an Ecenica customer you’ve already got green web hosting and you can continue using your Ecenica service as normal.

To swap your website to Ecenica Green Hosting simply sign up online. We provide a Free Website Migration service with select billing plans, making transferring to Ecenica green web hosting easy.

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Merry Christmas from Ecenica

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the all the Ecenica Team

Thank you from all of us at Ecenica for your continued support and we hope that 2023 is a happy and successful year for you!

During the Christmas period our support team will be available throughout, you can search for answers to your questions from our support knowledgebase and open tickets if you can’t find an answer and we’ll be a happy to help.

All orders will be processed as normal so you register domains, set up WordPress Hosting or kick start a new site with our Website Builder during the holiday period.

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We’re excited to unveil Ecenica Dashboard “Picasso” v0.90, our latest release of our user interface. Our new Dashboard is now available for you to use to configure and manage your Ecenica domains, services and Ecenica account.

Ecenica Dashboard

Pablo Picasso’s artistic style evolved throughout his lifetime and whilst our plans are perhaps less avant-garde, we expect Ecenica Dashboard to follow a similar path as we rollout new features over the coming weeks.

So what’s new?

We’ve packed this release with brand new features including adding more security to your login via two-factor authentication. Support for new stronger Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) card payments. New domain tools with secure DNS, email forwarding and SSL web redirection. New easier ways to manage your Ecenica Hosting plans including built-in email management and quick-links to cPanel and WHM. It’s now even easier to manage your Ecenica Cloud VPS servers and there’s new tools to connect your domain to web hosting services.

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Seasons greetings from Ecenica this Christmas and New Year

Seasons Greetings from Ecenica and Thanks again for being an Ecenica customer

We’re here to help with friendly, expert advice throughout the holiday with any questions you may have with your Ecenica domains, WordPress hosting and managed servers.

Our Ecenica Support Site is available with guides on setting up any new devices you get gifted as well as help and tips for getting the most of your Ecenica services.

Thanks from all of us once again for being an Ecenica customer and we hope you have a good Christmas look forward to helping you in 2022.

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Finding and registering your perfect domain name is easier than ever before. Every domain registered with Ecenica includes free email and web forwarding, WHOIS privacy and free support from our UK-based team.

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WordPress 5.8 Ecenica

WordPress 5.8 is now available in Ecenica App Installer and our WordPress Hosting for 1-click installs and auto-updates. New changes include Full Site Editing, WebP Image support and more.

The latest version of WordPress, 5.8 is now available with our WordPress Hosting plans. We take a look at the new headline features.

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Ecenica Status new service status page

At Ecenica we are always improving our products and services to offer our customers an even better experience. Our aim is to make your Ecenica service the best service possible.

We know having a simple and clear status page is important to our customers. Based on feedback we’ve introduced Ecenica Status, our new real-time service status page.

Ecenica Status means you can access up to date service status whenever you wish, giving you extra peace of mind and allowing you to plan around scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

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Today marks Ecenica’s 16th anniversary. As an independent web host and domain registrar we take immense pride in having long-term customers from all corners of the World.

Every year we work around the clock to provide our customers with exceptional domain, email and website hosting services, and our sixteenth year has felt like our busiest yet!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the all the Ecenica Team

Thank you from all of us at Ecenica for your continued support and we hope that 2020 is a happy and successful year for you!

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Register a .UK domain before 17th January 2020 in our half-price Domain Sale and £1 will be donated to Samaritans on your behalf.

Samaritans is a unique charity who’s mission is to make sure there’s someone there for anyone who needs someone in difficult times. Every year, Samaritans answer more than 5 million calls for help and work tirelessly to reach more people and make suicide prevention a priority.

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WordPress 5.2 is now available in Ecenica App Installer and our WordPress Hosting for 1-click installs and auto-updates. New changes include Site Health tool, a minimum PHP requirement and PHP Error Protection.

The latest version of WordPress, 5.2 is now available with our UK optimised Business WordPress Hosting plans and . We take a look at the new headline features.

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Discover how a UK plumbing and heating business achieved an eye-watering 1600% improvement in their page load times after calling on Ecenica to migrate their WordPress website to one of our new UK optimised Business WordPress Hosting plans.

At Ecenica we know how important performance is to our customers and this is why we focus on providing on of the fastest UK WordPress Hosting platforms available.

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News Review. Web Hosting and server updates and changes at Ecenica

A chance to look back and review whats happened ‘behind the scenes’ recently here at Ecenica. Our UK domain offer (which we’ve extended to February) meant we had lots of new customers register domain. We’re constantly updating our service and this month was no exception with updates to PHP, cPanel, WordPress, WooCommerce and our upgrades to our own Cloud Hosting infrastructure.

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WordPress 4.9.5 is now available for new installs and updates through Ecenica App Installer. WordPress 4.9.5 is a new security and maintenance update for the very popular WordPress app used by millions of websites worldwide.

This brand new update from Automattic covers WordPress versions 3.7 to 4.9. We, and WordPress strongly recommend you update your WordPress websites as this release has important security fixes which help keep your WordPress websites safe and secure.

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WordPress 4.9.2 now available at Ecenica

WordPress 4.9.2, a new security and maintenance update for the massively popular CMS used worldwide for websites and blogs has been released and is now available with all Ecenica web hosting packages.

The update covers all versions back to WordPress 3.7. We, and WordPress strongly recommend you update your WordPress websites as this release has important security fixes which help keep your website safe and secure.

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