1. Park a Domain in WHM

    Park A Domain WHM function allows you to point, or connect multiple domains to the main domain of a cPanel account. Follow these steps below to add a parked domain to a cPanel account using WHM. Log in to WHM. From the left menu click DNS Functions > Park A Domain. Select the existing domain from the Domain to park on top of list. Enter the new domain you wish to park in the Domain to park field Click Submit The new domain and DNS records will be added to the account as a parked domain. It may take 72

  2. How do I Modify an Account in WHM?

    The Modify an Account feature in WHM allows you to make changes to an existing cPanel account. To change an account in WHM: Login to WHM Click Modify an Account in the left menu under the Account Functions sub menu. You can also type Modify an Account into the search box in the top left of your screen. Under the Account Selection list, select the domain you wish to change. You can also search for an account by domain name or username. Enter a domain or username for an account by entering a domain name, or username in the search

  3. How To Suspend/Unsuspend Accounts in WHM

    Learn about account suspension and how to suspend or unsuspend accounts in cPanel WebHost Manager (WHM). Account suspension is useful when you want to take one of your accounts offline and withdraw access privileges to your account holder, but do not wish to delete the account files from your server. To suspend an account: Log into WHM. In the left side menu, find Account Functions. Under Account Functions, tap Manage Account Suspension. Select the primary domain(s), or username of the account(s) you wish to suspend. In the Reason (if suspending): field you may enter a brief description why you’re suspending