For extra security we recommend blocking access to the WordPress readme.html file and other default WordPress files which publicly display your current WordPress version number. Rather than deleting these files, it’s better to add the following directive to your .htaccess file to block public access to these files. Source HTML5 Boilerplate’s .htaccess for WordPress.

If your mailbox is full, it is unable to accept new emails. If this occurs, emails sent to your mailbox will be rejected and the senders mail server will be notified with a ‘Error 5.2.2 Mailbox Full’.

Yes. We support both IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and IMAP over SSL. Our IMAP servers support push-email with support for the IMAP IDLE command.

How-to park a domain name in cPanel. Learn what a parked domain is, how to add a parked domain to your cPanel account and how to remove a parked domain.

There is a rare scenario where if you transfer a domain to us that is due to expire within the next month and there is a slight delay to the transfer then it can cause a delay in our automatic expiry sync causing two renewal invoices to be generated and two renewals to be processed. Please contact our Billing department who will be able to advise further.

Auto Renew is a free feature we include which makes it easy to protect your business domain names against expiring and going offline.

These steps show you how to permanently download email messages from your online mailbox and keep a copy on your Mac for archiving. Open Apple Mail Click Mailbox menu > New Mailbox Set the location to ‘On My Mac’ Set a name for the mailbox. For example; ‘Archived Email’ Click OK You’ll see your new mailbox appear in the left hand list under the heading On My Mac You can now drag and drop emails from your online mailbox to the new mailbox saved on your Mac.

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Add a remote git remote add origin See Adding a remote – GitHub Help Create and checkout a new branch git checkout -b [branchname] example; git checkout -b master Checkout a remote branch git checkout -b [localbranchname] origin/[remotebranchname] example; git checkout -b master origin/master Delete a local branch git branch -D [branchname] example; git branch -D BranchName Delete a remote branch git push origin –delete [branchname] example; git push origin –delete BranchName Automatically stage tracked files git add -u Automatically stage tracked files in a folder git add -u folder_name example; git add -u myfoldername Commit git commit -m

If you’re seeing ugly error message when uploading file to your WordPress website there’s a good chance you’re hitting the maximum file upload limit set by your server settings. The good news is with our web hosting it’s easy for you to quickly increase the maximum upload size for your WordPress site using one of the three methods below; Method 1: Change your web hosting PHP settings. (Recommended) Log in to cPanel. Click Select PHP Version. Click Switch To PHP Options Click the upload_max_filesize PHP value, choose an option and click Apply Click the post_max_size PHP value, set it to

Follow this guide to install and setup WordPress on your Ecenica web hosting package using Ecenica App Installer.

This error can occur if you’re using WordPress on an external web site. WordPress recommend using the following code; However. To fix your NetworkError: 404 Not Found error try using the following code;