We explain how you can configure WordPress W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress website to use Memcached server. Memcached is available with Cloud Servers. These steps assume you have already installed W3 Total Cache on your WordPress website. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard Click Performance Click General Settings under the Performance menu Under Database Cache check Enable and select Memcached from the drop-down menu and click Save all settings. Under Object Cache check Enable and select Memcached from the drop-down menu and click Save all settings. Note. We recommend Page Cache is set to use Disk: Enhanced

Problem When you view your WordPress site your browser downloads a file and you can’t view your website. Symptoms A file called download.gz downloads when you try and view your WordPress website You have installed WP Super Cache. A WordPress caching plugin. Cause There a a number of reaqsons why you are seeing the error. A stale or out of date WordPress cache. An error in a WordPress plugin. An error in a WordPress theme. Incorrect .htaccess rules. Outdated WordPress version. Resolution Update WordPress to latest. Update any third-party WordPress plugins. Update your WordPress theme. Clear your WordPress cache folder.

Java and Tomcat are not available on ‘s hosting plans. Java and Tomcat can be installed on ‘s server plans running Linux. If you have an Cloud VPS, Cloud Server or Dedicated Server with our Managed Support add cPanel add-ons we can install Java/Tomcat on your server for you. Please contact us to arrange your install.

When configuring your Larval app to send email via a cPanel server please set the following environment variables in your .env file: Setting Value MAIL_DRIVER smtp MAIL_HOST mail.example.comNote: This is an example. Please use your actual domain. MAIL_PORT 587 MAIL_USERNAME info@example.comNote: This is an example. Please use your actual domain. MAIL_PASSWORD Your mailbox password. MAIL_ENCRYPTION tls

Emails with a subject starting “Reminder to verify the accuracy of Whois data for”, are authentic emails from . The emails will come from our domains@ecenica.com email. The email is an automated reminder to help you keep the contact data associated with your domain registration up-to-date. If the contact information for your domain needs to be updated, please do so from your account. These emails are required by ICANN. You can check more information about this here. Only ICANN domains are subject to this requirement. If you wish to check the authenticity of the email, please login to your account

Follow this guide to install and setup WordPress on your Ecenica web hosting package using Ecenica App Installer.

Debugging PrestaShop helps you quickly find and fix errors and warnings in your PrestaShop site code, modules and themes. By default, PrestaShop does not show warnings or errors. Enabling debugging is easy. Steps to enable debugging in PrestaShop version 1.5.3 and later Open config/defines.inc.php in your code editor or in cPanel File Manager Locate the following line Change to Save your changes Your PrestaShop site will now display any errors, notices and warnings from your plugins, themes and code. For security we strongly recommend disabling PS_MODE_DEV once you’ve finished debugging.