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This is a guide for the first few steps to get started with your new WooCommerce powered online shop. Step 1: Log in to WordPress Dashboard Every part of your online shop can be managed from your WordPress Dashboard. To log in please see How to log in to WordPress Dashboard Step 2: Creating Products As part of the Online Store we’ll have set up a number of demo products. The fastest and best way to add new products to your online store is to create duplicates of these demo products. How to duplicate an existing product Click Products from

We know spotting a misspelling in a newly registered domain name is frustrating. Unfortunately, we’re unable to change or edit the spelling of a domain name after you’ve registered it. We’ll register your domain name exactly as you enter it during the checkout process, including any misspellings, typos or errors. It’s therefore very important to check your domain name for spelling errors or mistakes, before completing your order. If you have accidentally registered a domain name with a spelling error, you have the option to cancel the domain so that it no longer registered to you. Please note, cancelling a

We know our customers depend on their email and we work hard to try to make sure every email gets through to its destination. Despite our best efforts, due to the nature of email, messages can be rejected due to issues outside of our control. This guide shows you how to resolve issues with email being rejected by TrustManager, an email software provided by Clearswift Secure Email Gateway. Problem Email is being rejected. Symptoms Your email is working normally, but when you email a specific email address your email is being rejected and returned to you with a non delivery

Learn how to update your domain DNS to connect to Google G Suite

At , we care deeply about securing and protecting our customers personal data. We know how important security is to our customers and helping our customers secure their email account from hackers and bad actors is a key part of our customer experience. Consequently all our services are built around strong security. Here are some of the security measures we use, and advice we encourage you to follow, to keep your email account secure; Protect Your Email Password The most important way of keeping your email account secure is to protect your email password. You must never disclose your email

Step by step instructions to clear your website’s Cloudflare CDN cache to see new images and website edits.

Find out how to protect your website behind a username and password log in.

Yes, please see our range of Cloud Servers Cloud Servers offer enhanced hosting over VPS or Virtual Private Servers, with more resources, greater flexibility and reliability.

Learn how to setup the Calendar app on your Mac to access your personal calendar.

Find out how to provide your web developer with access to create, upload and maintain your website on your Ecenica web hosting plan.

Learn how to point your Ecenica domain to your Wix website. Covers updating your Name servers and pointing your domain using Wix IP addresses.

We outline how to verify my contact information for your domain, part of ICANN’s WHOIS data verification process.