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CloudLinux is a custom operating system which improves web hosting security, speed and reliability. We include CloudLinux on all Ecenica Shared Web Hosting servers and as an optional add-on available with our Managed VPS packages. How CloudLinux Improves Security CloudLinux isolates each of your cPanel accounts to their own protected space. This lock-down prevents users from accessing other cPanel accounts or the server configuration itself, significantly limiting the effects a hacked website or malicious script can have on your server. How CloudLinux Boosts Website Speed Accelerate the performance of your PHP websites with CloudLinux’s Mod_Lsapi, the fastest and most reliable

Ecenica TurboCacher is our advanced web site optimization solution which improves the performance and speed of your website by caching dynamic and static files in system memory.

Learn how to troubleshoot WordPress 403 Forbidden error messages. We show you how to check for a corrupt .htaccess file. Diagnose faulty WordPress Plugins and checking for correct WordPress file permissions.

Steps to reset your WordPress admin password if you have forgotten your login details. Use the built-in lost password feature or reset your WordPress password via your database.