Before you connect a domain using DNS pointing, you must purchase a WordPress hosting, Web hosting or Email hosting service. Important: We recommend connecting your domain to your Ecenica service using name servers instead of DNS pointing. Using our name servers is the easiest and fastest way to ensure your domain name has all the correct records to use your service. Reduces support as we can offer assistance in creating the DNS records you might need. Feature and IP updates are automatic when using name servers, whereas you will need to manually make these edits with your DNS host. To

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In this article we explain how you can check and update your email settings for your email account in Apple Mail for MacOS. If you’re having trouble sending or receiving email from your Mac it is good idea to check you have the correct settings. Steps to check Apple Mail email account settings Select the Mail menu and click Preferences. Click the Accounts tab. Select your email account on the left. Click the Server Settings tab. Check the following settings: Incoming Mail Server settings: Username: Your email address. For example, Password: Your mailbox password Host name:, replacing

Before you connect a domain, you must purchase a WordPress hosting, Web hosting or Email hosting service. To connect your domain to the name servers Log in to your domain registrar’s account. Go to your domain’s name server settings. Replace your current name servers with the name servers below. Note: Please contact your domain provider if you need help changing your domain’s name servers. How long will my domain take to update? It usually takes around 24 to 48 hours for the changes to your domain’s name servers to come into effect. Some domain registrars can take longer. I’ve updated

Learn how to point your Ecenica domain to your Wix website. Covers updating your Name servers and pointing your domain using Wix IP addresses.

Connect your Ecenica domain name to your Wix website using our recommended pointing option. Guides you through creating the DNS records using our free DNS tools.

Find out what IPS tags are and what domains use IPS tags

Steps to buy an email hosting plan for your domain. Email Hosting includes everything you need to send and receive email from a personal email account at your domain.