You can edit the ‘Sent from my iPhone’ signature by following these steps; On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; Go to Settings. Tap Mail. Tap Signature. Tap on the existing ‘Sent from my iPhone’ text. Enter a new signature or remove the text message to turn off the signature. Tap Mail in the top left corner to save your changes.

You can transfer a, .uk,, and domain names away from as long as the domain name has been registered for at least 60 days. Before 60 days, please consider updating your domain name servers to point at the 3rd-party service. The transfer process for UK domains is free of charge. Transferring your domain will move your registration to another provider, it will not migrate your website or any hosted services.

Learn how to transfer your domain names from Gandi to Ecenica. We include steps for unlocking your domain, updating an IPS Tag (.uk domains) and obtaining an EPP code (Domain Auth Code).

CloudLinux is a custom operating system which improves web hosting security, speed and reliability.