Changing your email app from POP to IMAP means your emails will be stored on the email servers instead of downloaded to your device. Changing from POP to IMAP also lets you use your email on multiple devices and you will see the changes like emails read, sent and drafts synced between each of your email apps and devices.

The time it takes to move emails depends on how many emails you have stored locally and the upload speed of your device’s internet connection. For example, it will take around 20 minutes to upload 1GB of email data on an average broadband connection upload speed of 10MBps.

Step 1 – Backup your email

Step 2 – Set up your email account using IMAP

Step 3 – Copy the emails from your POP email account to your IMAP email account

In Outlook and macOS Mail you can select the emails in your POP inbox then drag them to your IMAP inbox to move them. You can also drag folders from your POP account to your IMAP account. Please note, your emails will be uploaded.

Step 4 – Remove your POP email account from your email app

Once you have moved all your emails and your email app is working as expected with your new IMAP account you can remove the POP account from your email app.