This article shows you how to setup your email address in Apple Mail on Mac OS using our automatic email configuration feature.

Automatic email configuration is a feature of cPanel, a web based control panel which we include with our Ecenica shared hosting and professional email plans.

Before starting with the setup of your email account, we recommend logging into Webmail using your email address and email password. This will make sure you have the correct login details for your email account.

If you have forgotten your email password you can reset your email password in your cPanel.

How-to auto setup Apple Mail

  1. Open your web browser and open Webmail at replacing with your domain name in the search bar.
  2. Enter your Ecenica email address and your email password. Click Log in.
  3. Open the user menu at the top right, then click Configure Mail Client
  4. Click IMAP over SSL/TLS next to iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod and MacOS®®.
  5. Click Proceed to download the auto email setup file to your Mac.
  6. Open the .mobileconfig email setup file you’ve just downloaded. Saved by default to your ‘Downloads’ folder.
  7. Click Continue to confirm you wish to install your profile.
  8. Enter your Ecenica email account password. Click Install.

Your Ecenica email address will now be added to Apple Mail on your Mac. Open mail to start sending and receiving email.


I see the error Profile installation failed. Unable to verify account or password.
Please check you are entering your mailbox password during setup. If you have lost your email account password, try changing your email account password