Every .uk domain name registered or transferred with Ecenica comes with the extra protection of you registering with a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner.

Who are Nominet?

Nominet is the Internet registry for .uk domain names and have been run the .uk, country code Top Level Domain name registry since 1996.

Nominet’s responsibilities include protecting, promoting and supporting the online presence of more than 10 million domain names. Nominet provide a range of services including a free domain name look up service (WHOIS) and dispute resolution service.

How does Nominet benefit me?

Ecenica is a verified Nominet Accredited Channel Partner. This allows us to pass on some unique benefits:

  • Faster registrations

    With no middle-men getting in the way we can register your domain names faster.

  • Easier Transfers

    Use our memorable IPSTAG to quickly transfer your domain names to us.

  • Boosted Trust

    Before joining Nominet we passed strict credit and ID checks.

  • Stronger finances

    As a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner Ecenica has passed extra due-diligence by Nominet

  • Cheaper domain names

    Buying direct from Nominet means we can pass the savings on to you.

  • Better Support

    We’re able to contact Nominet directly on your-behalf. Meaning better support.