This article provides instructions on transferring your email from another host which is not using cPanel to Ecenica.

This process requires:

  1. A 3rd-party email app, Thunderbird
  2. Your email account details from your old host.
  3. Your new email accounts setup on your Ecenica hosting package.

Pre-setup steps

  1. Download, Install and open Thunderbird
  2. Setup your old email account in Thunderbird using your old hosting provider’s details.
  3. Setup your new Ecenica email account in Thunderbird. See our Thunderbird setup guide

After completing the steps above you’ll have Thunderbird installed with 2 email accounts, one at your old host and one at Ecenica.

Migrate email steps

  1. Select your old email account Inbox in Thunderbird to open it.
  2. From the toolbar, click Edit > Select > All
  3. All your emails will be highlighted. Right click > Copy To > Your new Ecenica email account > Inbox

Thunderbird will begin copying emails from your old email host to your new Ecenica email account. The progress is shown at the bottom left Thunderbird.