The following TCP ports are open on all Ecenica shared-hosting servers for incoming and outgoing connections:

20FTP data transfer
21FTP control
465Secure SMTP
587Secure SMTP
990FTPS (Secure FTP over SSL)
993FTPS (Secure FTP over SSL)
993Secure IMAP over SSL
995Secure POP3 over SSL

We take security seriously at Ecenica. This means we cannot open custom Incoming ports for you on our shared-hosting servers. If you have a requirement for a custom incoming port we recommend upgrading to one of our Cloud Servers. Our Cloud Servers can be configured to your exact needs and requirements and custom ports can be opened for you in the server’s firewall.

If you are on a Business or Ecommerce Hosting package you can request a custom outgoing port be opened by contacting us. Please open a support ticket from your Ecenica Dashboard with the port number and destination IP address. Please note, the destination IP address must be a static IP address.

Business Hosting packages are allowed 2 whitelisted outgoing ports and IP address and Ecommerce plans are allowed 5 whitelisted outgoing ports and IP addresses.