In this article we show you how you can change your mailbox quota or available storage space for your Ecenica email account.

The available maximum mailbox quota varies depending on which Ecenica Email hosting or web hosting package you have purchased. You can set your mailboxes to use the maximum quota or less depending on how much you want your email users to use.

If you have reached the maximum quota it’s possible to upgrade your package to add more space. Please contact our sales team for your options options.

Steps to change your email account quota

  1. Login to Ecenica Dashboard.
  2. From the main menu, click Services > My Services.
  3. All services linked to your account will now be listed. Click Manage next to the service you wish to login to.
  4. Click Email Accounts
  5. Click Manage for the email account you wish to change the quota for.
  6. Scroll down to Storage and either:
    • Enter amount into the Allocated Storage Space and choose either GB or MB
    • Or, select the maximum quota option.
  7. Click Update Email Settings