In this article we explain what W3 Total Cache is, how you can install W3 Total Cache on your Ecenica hosted WordPress websites and our recommended settings for W3 Total Cache.

What is WordPress W3 Total Cache?

W3 Total Cache is a popular WordPress plugin which boosts the performance of your WordPress websites.

How W3 Total Cache works

W3 Total Cache works by creating static web page cache of your WordPress website. After a static page has been cached Ecenica web hosting servers will show the cached pages to your visitors instead of the normal page. It’s faster to server Static files compared to the normal WordPress pages, which means your website will load faster and use less server resources.

How-to Install W3 Total Cache

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click Plugins > Add New
  3. Search for W3 total
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate Plugin

Recommended Settings for W3 Total Cache

Our recommended settings for W3 Total Cache below will work on nearly all WordPress websites.

  1. Open W3 Total Cache Settings by clicking Performance > General Settings
  2. Under Page cache, check Enable
  3. Scroll down and Under Browser Cache, check Enable
  4. Click Save all settings
  5. Click Performance > Browser Cache
    • Enable Set expires header
    • Enable Set cache control header
    • Enable Set entity tag (eTag)
  6. Click Save all settings

Advanced: Minify Settings for W3 Total Cache

Minifying is the removal of unnecessary characters in code. This makes your code smaller and as a result faster to load.

W3 Total Cache can be configured to minify and combine your WordPress site’s CSS and JS files.

We strongly recommend testing your website after enabling the Minify settings as some of your website’s features may be broken by minifying.

  1. Open W3 Total Cache Settings by clicking Performance > General Settings
  2. Under Minify, check Enable
  3. Click Save all settings

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