WordPress 4.1.1 Available In Ecenica Free Apps

WordPress 4.1.1, is available now in Ecenica Free Apps. Our 1-click installer included free with Ecenica web hosting packages.

We’re pleased to let you know we’ve updated Ecenica Free Apps with the very latest WordPress 4.1.1.

What’s new?

The new WordPress 4.1.1 release fixes 21 bugs in the last major update 4.1. One annoying issue fixed in 4.1.1 is the bug where a tag and a category with an identical name could get mixed up and stop either from being updated.

For details of every bug and issue fixed check out the official changelog

Should I update?

If you’re still rocking an older install of WordPress and have waited to update to the latest version once all the bugs have been squashed then our, and WordPress’ recommendation would be to upgrade as soon as possible. Not only will you get some new features you’ll also benefit from a range of security fixes which will keep your website safe and online.

As ever, updating WordPress is simply a case of logging in to your WordPress Dashboard, clicking Updates > Update Now. Just remember to take a minute to make a quick backup just in case.

You can run a new install in just 1-click with our Ecenica Free Apps, available with our web hosting packages. Simply login to your Ecenica Dashboard and then follow the steps for How to Install WordPress from our support knowledge base.

Looking for WordPress hosting?

If you’re looking for web hosting for your new WordPress site then the great news is we offer a range of fast, WordPress optimised UK web hosting packages. With over 10 year’s experience we can help you get online quickly and easily. Email us or Tweet us @ecenica and we’ll be happy to help.

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