New Twenty Fifteen Theme in WordPress 4.1 -
New Twenty Fifteen Theme in WordPress 4.1 –

WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” , the latest update to, the popular CMS and blogging platform is now available.

Like previous WordPress updates, WordPress 4.1 has been named in honour of a jazz musician. This time it’s jazz singer and pianist Dinah Washington (we had to Google her too).

WordPress 4.1 includes a number of including a brand new default theme, Twenty Fifteen, new distraction-free editing mode and a whole bunch of small tweaks which will be warmly welcomed by WordPress users.

With it’s clean design and full support for mobile devices, the new WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme will be a sure-fire hit.

New distraction-free writing mode -
New distraction-free writing mode –

We also like the new distraction-free writing mode.

With the new distraction-free mode enabled, the WordPress GUI fades away leaving just the main text editor in focus. Mousing over the blank areas quickly reveals the hidden elements meaning you can still navigate as normal.

During our own tests writing this very blog post, the new distraction-free mode proved so useful we quickly forgot it was enabled. In fact it’s so handy we’re now looking to see if there’s a way for the mode to be enabled by default.

We also welcome the smaller updates including the new ‘sign out from anywhere’ feature which allows you to log yourself out of your WordPress site if logged in at another computer. Useful if you access your WordPress site over a shared-computer.

The new WordPress 4.1 is available as a free download and update.

For a complete list of all the new features see the official WordPress 4.1 release notes

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