We’re extremely pleased to announce PHP 7 Stable Release is now available on our shared-hosting platforms.

As you maybe aware we’ve had earlier versions of PHP 7 available on Ecenica servers for sometime, however this is a stable release meaning you’re safe to use it on your production sites.

PHP 7 is a major update to previous PHP versions and offers multiple benefits such as increased speed and improved security and general performance enhancements. These will be of particular interest if you’re the latest apps such as WordPress, Magento and Drupal.

We strongly urge upgrading your hosting to PHP 7 today. Best of all, as an Ecenica hosting client, upgrading to PHP 7 is easy and free!

Which apps support PHP 7?

Many of the leading applications have already announced support for PHP 7. Before upgrading to PHP 7 we recommend checking in with your app developer to see if they support PHP 7.

Application Supports PHP 7
WordPress v4.31+ Yes (official)
Drupal 8 Yes (official)
Drupal 7 Yes (unofficial)
Magento2 Yes (unofficial)
Magento v1.91 Yes (unofficial)
Joomla v3.5+ Yes (unofficial)

How to Enable PHP 7 on Ecenica servers?

Updating your Ecenica hosting account to PHP 7 is easy. Simply login to your Ecenica hosting control panel (cPanel) and click Select PHP Version. On the next screen you’ll be presented with a drop down showing the various PHP versions. Simply select PHP 7 and click ‘Set as Current’ to apply the change.

Select PHP Version in Ecenica cPanel
Select PHP Version in Ecenica cPanel

Upgrading our servers to PHP 7 is just one example of our continual commitment to making sure Ecenica clients have access to the very latest and best hosting technology. We’ve got many more existing project on the go, so watch this space!

For more information on updating your Ecenica web hosting plan to use PHP 7 please see our help article at; ‘How-to change your PHP version in cPanel

Does your web host not yet support PHP 7? Why not migrate to Ecenica Hosting today? Checkout our fast PHP7 web hosting services for more information. Best of all we can even transfer your domain, website and emails over for free!

What do you think of PHP 7? Will you be upgrading your WordPress to PHP 7? How did you find the upgrade PHP 7? If you have any questions about PHP 7 or feedback about this change (or Ecenica in general) we’d love to hear from you. Tweet us @ecenica or email us.

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