How to resubmit a web page to Google for reindexing

Log in to Google Search Console. Select your website from the the property list. Enter your URL into the Inspect any URL search box at the top. Click Request Indexing. Google will test your URL and if successful add your URL to a priority crawl queue.

What Cookies does Website Builder Use?

Visitor Cookies By default, newly installed websites built in Website Builder do not store cookies on your visitors devices. There are no tracking features for ads or remarketing. The following apps on Website Builder apps will use cookies: Cookie Consent – When a visitor agrees to cookies their consent will be stored. Shopping Cart – Stores essential information for placing orders. Voting Poll – Tracks if a visitor has cast a vote. Admin Cookies When you login to Website Builder as an admin, basic data is stored in a cookie on your device. For example information that you’re a website

How to add information about Cookies in Website Builder

Login to Website Builder Click Settings in the left-side toolbar. Click General Settngs Click Contact Information Enable Cookie Information by clicking the Cookies information toggle. Optionally customize the cookie consent message. Click Save Changes