How to set up a cron job for Laravel scheduler in cPanel

Log in to cPanel. For help accessing your cPanel see Where do I log in to my hosting control panel. Click Cron Jobs Enter your email address. Notifications for your cron job will be sent to this email address which is useful for debugging Set the cron job to run Once Per Minute Enter the command below. Change the path to your Laravel App Please note, if you are running a different version of PHP using the cPanel MultiPHP please change /usr/local/bin/php to use the version of PHP you are running on the domain, for example /usr/local/bin/ea-php82 Click Add New

How to fix ‘Could not determine the database prefix’ when staging from an existing WordPress install in Softaculous

When using Softaculous to create a staging site, you get the following error: The following errors were found : Could not determine the database prefix for https://domain Cause You may see this error if the cPanel account you’re creating the staging site on has insufficient free disk space to clone the site. Resolution The fix is to free up disk space or add additional disk space to the cPanel account. How to calculate how much free space you’ll need You can use Disk Usage (cPanel > Files > Disk Usage) and MySQL® Databases (cPanel > Database > MySQL® Databases) to

Can I Install Docker on Ecenica Shared-Hosting?

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to install Docker on shared-hosting. This includes installing Docker on Ecenica shared-web hosting, or installing Docker on Ecenica Managed VPS with cPanel/WHM installed. The reason why you cannot install Docker is because Docker requires specific user privileges which would pose a security risk to you and other users hosted on the shared server. Whilst it is not possible to install Docker on shared-hosting, it may be possible to deploy your application to your Ecenica shared-hosting using one of the following pre-installed features; SSH Git SFTP WP-CLI Composer Please check your application and Ecenica plan

Do you support Java / Tomcat?

Java and Tomcat are not available on ‘s hosting plans. Java and Tomcat can be installed on ‘s server plans running Linux. If you have an Cloud VPS, Cloud Server or Dedicated Server with our Managed Support add cPanel add-ons we can install Java/Tomcat on your server for you. Please contact us to arrange your install.

How to Install Composer

In this article we explain how to install composer on your Ecenica shared hosting account.