Answers to frequently asked questions before buying from Ecenica. Learn how to sign up, how to buy a domain name, how to pay and what payment types we accept.

  1. What is CloudLinux?

    CloudLinux is a custom operating system which improves web hosting security, speed and reliability. We include CloudLinux on all Ecenica Shared Web Hosting servers and as an optional add-on available with our Managed VPS packages. How CloudLinux Improves Security CloudLinux isolates each of your cPanel accounts to their own protected space. This lock-down prevents users from accessing other cPanel accounts or the server configuration itself, significantly limiting the effects a hacked website or malicious script can have on your server. How CloudLinux Boosts Website Speed Accelerate the performance of your PHP websites with CloudLinux’s Mod_Lsapi, the fastest and most reliable

  2. Are the resources on my Ecenica VPS protected?

    On our Ecenica VPS hosting plans you receive 100% dedicated protected resources. Unlike many other VPS providers, we allocate dedicated resources. So you get 100% dedicated use of the disk space, RAM, and CPU core allotment. We also run special software which shields each virtual server from other virtual servers. We watch the health of your VPS in real-time using the latest monitoring tools. If our systems detects an issue, it alerts us within seconds meaning we can fix most faults before it has time to impact on your Ecenica VPS. This means you get better security and performance with

  3. Is SFTP Access Available?

    Yes, SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is available on selected services. SFTP requires SSH (Secure Shell) access to be be active on your service.

  4. Do you charge to transfer domains away?

    No, we will not charge you to transfer your domains away from us. At everything we do is focused on providing you with excellent customer service. Excellent customer service. Great value for money. No hidden charges. No extra restrictions. No penalties. UK-based support.

  5. How do I order an SSL Certificate?

    What is an SSL certificate? An SSL certificate secures your website by encrypting (scrambling) the data sent between your website and your visitor’s device. How do I order my SSL? Ordering your new SSL certificate is easy. The key steps are as follows: Sign up for your SSL Certificate using our secure Online Store. Check your email Inbox and follow the simple steps to configure your new SSL. Install your SSL on to your website. What’s required to configure my SSL A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) An Approver Email address at your domain

  6. Do you offer SSD Hosting?

    SSD web hosting uses solid-state drives (SSD) rather than traditional spinning disks giving the benefits of faster loading web pages, better stability and improved website performance. All of our shared Business Web Hosting Plans are SSD hosting and include SSD storage as standard.

  7. Do You Offer Web Design Services?

    Yes. We have our own in-house team of web designers available to help you. All our web design services are delivered to the very highest standards and available at competitive rates. Our web design and web development services include; Responsive Web Design (Mobile & Desktop) WordPress development including custom themes, plugins and troubleshooting. ‘Build-a-website’ service – We’ll help you create a website from scratch. Email Marketing & Newsletters – Creation of professional newsletters and email marketing campaigns for your business. E-commerce development including WooCommerce, Magento and Opencart. General website updates and bug fixing tasks including HTML, PHP, ASP.NET, CSS/LESS/SASS, JavaScript,

  8. What versions of ASP.NET do you run?

    Ecenica Windows Hosting supports ASP.NET versions 4.5, 4, 3.5 and 2.0. ASP.NET is available on Ecenica Windows web hosting and reseller hosting.