When you send an email it fails to send and you receive a Non-Delivery Report with the following error message:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.


Subject:    My email
Sent:    18/02/2016 12:37


The following recipient(s) could not be reached:
’’ on 18/02/2016 12:37


554 The IP address of your mail server ( was found in the Spamhaus blacklist. See for details


Your email has been blocked by the recipients mail server because the IP address of your internet provider has been blacklisted by Spamhaus for sending spam.

Most internet services provide you with a dynamic IP address. The likelihood is the IP you have been assigned was once used to send Spam.


Every Ecenica email account includes authenticated SMTP for sending email. If you configure your email app to use your Ecenica SMTP server then you will bypass the Spamhaus blacklist and allow you to send email.

You can also login to your Ecenica hosted email address through our Web Mail. Any email you send will also bypass the Spamhaus blacklist.


We monitor all Ecenica IP addresses and servers to ensure they’re not included in any spam blacklists. We operate a zero tolerance policy against spam to prevent our services from being blacklisted. Such strict polices are rarely upheld by larger ISPs.