Premium WordPress themes are themes which can be purchased for an additional fee. Prices range from $10 to $199.

Premium WordPress themes offer many benefits including;

  • More professional design. Premium themes offer up to date, modern styles for your website which reflects your business, products and services and customers.
  • Extra features such as different theme colours, styles so you can create a website which perfectly matches your brand.
  • Mobile support (Responsive design) so your customers can connect with your business from their smartphones.
  • Getting started / simpler setup so you can get your site running faster.
  • More versatile. You can quickly change the style and look of your site and use your theme for multiple businesses.
  • Patches and updates, keeping your site fresh with new styles and features and providing extra security.
  • Many premium themes include Technical Support from the original developer, meaning you can reach out directly for help.

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