CloudLinux is a custom operating system which improves web hosting security, speed and reliability. We include CloudLinux on all Ecenica Ecenica Shared Web Hosting servers and as an optional add-on available with our Cloud Hosting (VPS) packages.

What are the benefits of CloudLinux?

Stronger Security

CloudLinux isolates each of your cPanel accounts to their own protected space. This lock-down prevents users from accessing other cPanel accounts or the server configuration itself, significantly limiting the effects a hacked website or malicious script can have on your server.

Improved Performance

Accelerate the performance of your PHP websites with CloudLinux’s Mod_Lsapi, the fastest and most reliable way to serve PHP webpages. Also benefit from the ability to choose and run the very latest builds of PHP as well as configuring your own PHP modules and variables to suit your website’s exact needs.

Better Reliability

CloudLinux boosts the reliability of your server by protecting your hosted services from load spikes and preventing single accounts from consuming all your server resources.

With CloudLinux each of your cPanel accounts can be allocated a specific share of your server resources. This includes CPU power, memory and disk IO allowing you to sell different grades of web hosting package to your clients.

If a website receives an unexpected increase in traffic, such as a denial of service attack, CloudLinux will throttle the affected account and ensure other accounts continue to run without any slowdown, helping to cut complaints from your clients.