A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address, also known as static IP or fixed IP, is a unique Internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account or website.

Normally with shared-hosting, multiple hosting accounts are hosted on a single server and each account shares the server’s IP address. When a dedicated IP address is assigned to a hosting account, the account no longer shares the IP address and instead has it’s own unique IP address.

A dedicated IP address offers a number of benefits over a shared IP address;

Better security.

A Dedicated IP address offer greater security over Shared-IP addresses. Unlike a Shared-IP address, a Dedicated IP address is not shared by anyone else, meaning you can avoid the pitfalls of sharing an IP address with other account users.

View your website over its IP address.

A dedicated IP address allows you to access your website using the IP address. This is useful if you wish to view your website whilst your DNS records are being propagated.

Host an SSL Certificate on your website

SSL certificates require a Dedicated IP address if you wish to support older browsers such as IE8. If your website ask users to submit payment details or personal information then you should secure your website with an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate protects your customer’s data by encrypting (scrambling) the connection between your users’ computer and your website.

Our Web Hosting supports SNI technology. SNI enables you to run multiple SSL certificates on a single IP address, meaning you can host an SSL Certificate without needing a Dedicated IP address.

However if you have visitors using old browsers we still recommend purchasing a Dedicated IP address for your SSL. SSL certificates on a shared IP address can cause issues with older versions of some browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) on Windows XP. On viewing your website, these users may receive a message containing information about an untrusted connection. A Dedicated IP address resolves these issues.

Boost Search Engine Ranking / SEO

SEO experts argue a Dedicated IP address can boost search engine ranking results. Search engines are said to prefer unique addresses because your domain name isn’t linked to other third-party domain names. This is especially important if a domain name and IP address is blacklisted due to blackhat SEO techniques.

Greater exclusivity.

Dedicated IP addresses now incredibly rare and are typically reserved for large, heavy-traffic websites and ecommerce websites. Therefore by adding an IP address to your website you can convey a more professional image to your users.