We know spotting a misspelling in a newly registered domain name is frustrating.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to change or edit the spelling of a domain name after you’ve registered it.

We’ll register your domain name exactly as you enter it during the checkout process, including any misspellings, typos or errors. It’s therefore very important to check your domain name for spelling errors or mistakes, before completing your order.

If you have accidentally registered a domain name with a spelling error, you have the option to cancel the domain so that it no longer registered to you. Please note, cancelling a domain name is irreversible and will not result in a refund as the registration fee is non-refundable. To cancel a domain name please contact us with details of the domain name you wish to cancel.

There’s also the option to allow your domain name to expire gracefully at the end of the current registration period. You can do this by disabling auto renew in your Ecenica Dashboard.

You may also wish to consider keeping the misspelt version of your domain and redirecting it to your correct domain name. This way you won’t miss out on visits or emails from customers who accidentally misspell your domain. You’ll also protect your domain name from people trying to impersonate your site. Many businesses deliberately register misspelt domains for this very reason.

You are welcome to try and purchase the correct domain name, if it is available.

Please note if you do decide to register an alternative domain, it will be treated as a new order and would not replace your misspelt domain.