What are my MySQL settings?

Use the following MySQL settings to connect your website to your Ecenica hosted MySQL database.

Setting Value Example
Host Use localhost localhost
Database Name Your Ecenica database name. johnsm_myshopdb
Database Username Your Ecenica database username. johnsm_myshopadmin
Database Password A password to access your database. mypassword

Updating your site with your new MySQL settings

When moving your website to Ecenica you may find that the database name, username and password are different to your old host. You’ll need to update your code with your new MySQL configuration settings. You can view your database settings by signing in to Ecenica cPanel and clicking on MySQL Databases.

Database options in cPanel
Database options in cPanel

MySQL Username and password tips

It is possible to connect to your MySQL database using your Ecenica cPanel username and password. We however strongly recommend that you create a new username which is used just for your MySQL database. Having a separate usernames and password allows to frequently change your Ecenica cPanel password without needing to update your website to use the new cPanel password.