About Ecenica Track Delivery

Ecenica Track Delivery allows you to review email delivery attempts to and from your Ecenica mailboxes.

Track Delivery provides details of every email delivery attempt, including whether a message was delivered successfully to your email account or if it was rejected as spam. You can also see the delivery route for a message from your account’s mail server to a remote address.

How-to track an email delivery

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click Track Delivery.
    cPanel Track Delivery
  3. Enter the recipient or sender email address you wish to check and click Show All.
    Track Delivery enter email address
  4. The email delivery attempts will be shown in the report below
    • Green tick and result ‘accepted’ – The email was received and delivered to your inbox.
    • Exclamation mark – The email was rejected. Check the ‘Result’ and ‘Actions’ columns for the reason the email failed.
      Track Delivery Email Report


Delivery data is available for the last 7 days.