You can quickly and easily upgrade your Ecenica web hosting package in seconds from your Ecenica Dashboard.

Steps to upgrade your web hosting package

  1. Log in to your Ecenica Dashboard
  2. Click Products / Services to view your web hosting service
  3. Click the configure button for the web hosting package you wish to upgrade
  4. Click Browse Upgrades
  5. Choose the option you’d like to Upgrade to. Click Buy Now
  6. You’ll be shown a summary screen for your upgrade which shows:
    • The package you are upgrading from and the package you are upgrading to. E.g. StartUp => Business
    • The price you’ll pay today for your upgrade. This includes an credit for unused time for your current package.
  7. Click Continue
  8. Check your billing address and payment card are up to date. Click Continue

Once your payment has been received we’ll upgrade your web hosting. Typically this takes just a few seconds and we’ll notify you by email once your upgrade has been completed. Larger upgrades, e.g from Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting can take a little longer and a member of our support team will be in contact to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions for Upgrades

How do you calculate my upgrade price?
Upgrading your Ecenica package is free. If you upgrade to a higher package, your account will be charged the new higher price, and we’ll refund you any unused time you’ve paid for on your old account.
Do I get a refund for unused time?
Yes. We’ll automatically credit your your the value of any remaining days on your existing package and deduct this from your upgrade/downgrade price.
Will my upgrade require any downtime?
We’ll upgrade your account without any downtime to your service.
Will my next due date change?
The next due date of your package remains the same and does not change. If you’ve selected a different billing cycle to your current plan, the new billing cycle will start after the current due date.