When accessing your email account on your Apple iPhone using IMAP it does not save emails to the correct Drafts, Sent or Trash folder or does not save draft, sent or trash emails to the server at all.


iPhone uses its own set of folders for draft, sent and trash folders which are different to other email applications. iPhone can also be configured not to save a copy of the emails to the server and instead save them only on the iPhone.


  1. Choose Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calandars.
  2. Tap your Ecenica email account.
  3. Scroll down and tap Advanced.
  4. Under Mailbox Behaviour tap Drafts Mailbox.
  5. Tap Drafts under On the server.
  6. Tap Advanced in the top left to go back.
  7. Tap Sent Mailbox.
  8. Tap Sent under On the Server.
  9. Tap Advanced in the top left to go back.
  10. Tap Deleted Mailbox.
  11. Tap Trash under On the Server.

Note: If your email program uses different default folders for drafts, sent or trash emails then select the correct folder from the ‘On the Server’ list in iPhone.