Usually, when you transfer a domain name to a new registrar before its expiration date, an additional year is added to your domain’s expiration date upon completion of the transfer.

The charge for this one year renewal is collected by the new registrar you transfer your domain to.

However, there is a rule established by ICANN (the governing body for .com and other major domains) that applies when a domain expires and enters an “Auto Renew Period” of 45 days. If a domain is renewed during this period and then transferred to a new registrar, the additional year added during the renewal with the losing registrar will be forfeited. As a result, it may appear to you that you did not receive the extra year after the transfer of your domain.

In such cases, your previous registrar receives a refund for the cost of your domain renewal.

This rule is documented by ICANN, and you can find more information in the Registrar Advisory Concerning Registration Transfers Within the Auto-Renew Grace Period

The following is an excerpt from the document:

Transfer (other than ICANN-approved bulk transfer). If a domain is transferred under Part A of Exhibit B to the Registry-Registrar Agreement within the Auto-Renew Grace Period, the losing Registrar is credited with the Auto-Renew charge* and the year added by the Auto-Renew operation is cancelled. The expiration date of the domain is extended by one year up to a total maximum of ten by virtue of the transfer and the gaining Registrar is charged for that additional year, even in cases where a full year is not added because of the 10-year maximum limitation.

Here’s an example scenario:

losing registrar refers to your old domain registrar

  1. Your domain,, expires at the losing registrar on 1st January.
  2. After the domain expires, you renew your domain at the losing registrar on 2nd January.
  3. You transfer your domain to Ecenica on 3rd January.
  4. The transfer completes on 8th January.
  5. The losing registrar receives a refund for the renewal, and the renewal years are removed. The expiry date is set back to January 1st.
  6. The domain is renewed by Ecenica for 1 year, and Ecenica is charged by the registry for that 1 year.

What can I do if I have transferred a domain and lost the renewal year?

Obtain a refund from your previous registrar for your renewal order. They have received a credit from ICANN for the cost of the renewal, so you should be entitled to a refund as well.


  • Can Ecenica add the ‘lost’ renewal years to my domain after transfer?
    No. Once the transfer completes your domain is renewed by Ecenica for 1 year, and Ecenica is charged by the registry for that 1 year. Your previous registrar receives a refund so you must contact them for a refund for your renewal order.

  • Can I cancel a transfer after it has completed?
    No. Once a transfer order is placed and it has been completed you cannot cancel the transfer.

  • Does this affect domains which have been transferred before they expire?
    No. Domains transferred before they reach their expiration date are unaffected.