In this article we’ll explain how you can setup your Ecenica email account on multiple devices so you can read, delete and reply to emails and have your actions sync across all your devices.

How-to configure email syncing

Each Ecenica email account supports syncing email across multiple devices. We include secure IMAP, which handles the syncing of emails. To enable syncing you’ll need to setup your devices to access your Ecenica email account using IMAP. Please follow the links below for step-by-step guides for setting up popular email apps:


Outlook 2016
Outlook 2013
Mail for Windows 10


macOS Mail App
Outlook 2016 for Mac


You can set up email on your iPhone and iPad using our auto configuration tool by following the steps in the article linked below:

iPhone and iPad Automatic Configuration

Alternatively, if you prefer you can manually configure an iOS device using the steps here:

iPhone and iPad Manual Configuration

How can I check if I’m already using IMAP?


  1. Click File > Account Settings > Account Settings
  2. IMAP will be displayed under Type

macOS Mail

  1. From the menu bar, click Mail > Preferences
  2. Click Accounts
  3. IMAP will be displayed under your Ecenica email account.


  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings > Mail > Accounts
  2. Tap your Ecenica email account
  3. IMAP will be displayed.

If your email app is using POP3 to connect

If you have previously setup your email app to connect to your email using POP3, we recommend following a guide above to setup your email app to access your email account using IMAP.

You can then drag and drop your emails from your POP3 account to your new IMAP account. After uploading your emails you can remove the POP3 account from your email app.