As of Monday, 1st March 2010, Ecenica phased out support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, also known as IE6.

Stopping support for IE6 allows us to focus our full-efforts on supporting the latest browsers.

If you use Internet Explorer 6, we recommend following Microsoft’s advice and upgrading your browser.

What does this mean to me?

If you’re using IE6, our advice is to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or install an alternative web browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Our Technical Support teams are no longer able to answer support questions related to IE6.

Some Ecenica service may still work perfectly in IE6, but we can’t guarantee it. Instead we recommend upgrading to a new browser for the best possible experience.

Why should I upgrade IE6?

  1. Old and outdated.
  2. Very weak security.
  3. You’re missing out on cool new web features.
  4. No longer supported by Google and others.

How do I upgrade?

See Microsoft – Internet Explorer