This article describes how to quickly auto set up email on your iPhone, or iPad using our automatic email configuration tool. Please ensure you have your mailbox password to hand as you’ll be asked to enter this during setup.

Steps to set up your email on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Tap Safari on your iPhone. Enter replacing with your domain name in the search bar. Tap Go
  2. Enter your Ecenica email address and your email password. Tap Log in
  3. Tap the user icon at the top right, then tap Configure Mail Client
  4. Rotate your iPhone and hold it horizontally. Scroll down and find iOS for iPhone/iPad, then scroll to the right and tap IMAP over SSL/TLS
  5. On the pop-up. Tap Proceed. Your iPhone may warn you the website is trying to download a profile. Tap Allow.
  6. A Profile Downloaded pop-up will appear. Tap Close. To install, open Settings on your iPhone. Tap Profile Downloaded.
  7. On Install Profile tap Install
  8. Enter your iPhone passcode and then tap Install
  9. Enter your Ecenica email account password and tap Next
  10. On Profile Installed tap Done at the top right
  11. Press the home button on your iPhone or iPad
  12. Tap Mail. Your Ecenica email account will be listed and you can begin to send and receive email.