In this help article we cover how to set up and configure your Ecenica Website Builder website to take payments via PayPal for your shop products.

Before you start you’ll need a PayPal Business account and you’ll also need to add the Shop app to your Ecenica Website Builder website.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Open your PayPal Account Settings > Notifications.
  3. Click Instant Payment Notifications and make sure it’s enabled
  4. Log in to your Ecenica Website Builder website editor.
  5. Navigate to the page where you’ve added your Shop app.
  6. Click Apps from the left menu.
  7. Click Shop > Configuration
  8. Click Payment Methods
  9. Click PayPal
  10. Make sure it’s Active and enter your PayPal account email address.
  11. Click Save Changes

Your website visitors will now be able to pay you via PayPal.