In this article we explain how to connect and 301-redirect extra domain name you have purchased elsewhere to an existing WordPress website hosted on an Ecenica WordPress hosting or Web hosting service.

Using a 301 redirect is a permanent way of redirecting all website traffic from one domain name to your WordPress website.

Steps to set up a 301 Redirect for a Domain to an Existing WordPress Website in cPanel

Step 1: Connect your domain you wish to redirect.

Use our steps for Connecting a Domain Purchased Elsewhere to set up the necessary DNS records to connect your domain to your Ecenica service.

Step 2: Add the domain to your Ecenica WordPress Hosting or Web Hosting account.

Add the domain to your Ecenica service as a domain alias. See How-to add a Domain Alias in cPanel

Step 3: Create a domain redirect.

Create a domain redirect to send all traffic from the domain to your WordPress website. See How to Create a Domain Redirect in cPanel.

You’ll want to set up the redirect with the following options:

  • Permanent (301) redirect
  • Redirect with or without www
  • Wild Card Redirect

Step 4: Test the redirect.

Open a new browser window and enter the domain you’re redirecting. You should be automatically taken to your WordPress website.


Q: I’m seeing a DNS error when I try viewing the website.
A: Check your domain is connected using the correct name servers or, if you are using DNS pointing, the IP address of your Ecenica service.

Q: I have connected my domain with the correct details but I’m still seeing a DNS error, or my old website when I view my redirect domain.
A: It can take up to 48 hours for DNS changes to propagate and DNS caches to clear. Try a different internet connection, like your phone 5G, or wait 24-48 hours.

Q: I’m seeing an SSL certificate error.
A: Check your Free SSL certificate has been issued and installed on your Ecenica service. See How can I see if my Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate has been installed?

Q: When I visit the domain it’s not redirecting properly.
A: Check the redirect is set up with the correct details and options.