In this article we describe how you can send and receive email from a second email address or email alias on your Ecenica email hosting service.

This is useful if you have a single mailbox and want to send email from multiple domains or email addresses and receive all replies in the one mailbox.

If you want to have a second, completely separate mailbox please see our guide for creating a new mailbox.

Steps to setup an email alias which uses a different domain

  1. If you want to send and receive email from a different domain name please first add the domain to your Ecenica hosting service. See How-to add a Domain Alias in cPanel
  2. Set up the new domain to forward all email. See How do I forward all email for one domain to another?
  3. Set up the email alias in Webmail. See How to add an Email Alias to Webmail
  4. Set up your devices and apps to send from your email alias. For example, Send email from an alias on iPhone (iOS)