If you’ve recently registered a domain name and did not purchase our WHOIS Privacy service you may unfortunately find you receive unsolicited emails or phone calls to the contact details registered to your domain. These calls and emails are not related to Ecenica.

We wish to stress any spam or unsolicited emails and calls you have received after registering your domain are in no way affiliated to Ecenica. We never sell customer information to 3rd-parties.

When you register your domain name, your personal information including name, address, phone number and email address are stored in a public database called WHOIS. The WHOIS database provides a record of who owns which domain name and it’s used in disputes when there are multiple claims to a single domain. Every domain name is required to have a up-to-date WHOIS record. These details are submitted automatically by Ecenica and every other domain name registrar as standard when you register a domain.

The WHOIS database is publicly available, which means people can search the WHOIS database for email addresses and phone numbers. The company or user who has contacted you has seen you’ve just registered your domain recently and used the WHOIS database to get your email address and phone number so they can contact you to offer web design services.

How can you avoid the spam emails?

You cannot remove your personal details from the WHOIS database and you must use up-to-date details to make sure there are no issues with your domain registration. However there are a few options to help you cut the spam emails;

  1. Mask your personal details with our domain WHOIS Privacy Service
  2. Setup an email alias and update your domain contact details