You’re unable to view your WordPress homepage, and instead see your web page you created in cPanel Site Publisher.


  • WordPress is installed and working but you’re unable to view your home page. Other sub pages are working fine.
  • You’re able to view your WordPress admin.


cPanel Site Publisher publishes files to your web space including a file called index.html. When you view your website, the default behaviour is to look for and display your index.html page before attempting to to load WordPress index.php file.


Option 1 – Recommended

Remove cPanel Site Publisher files. Follow the steps in the link below to delete the files and directories used by cPanel Site Publisher:

How to Remove Site Publisher Site

The directories and files cPanel Site Publisher uses:

  • assets
  • images
  • index.html
  • LICENSE.txt
  • sitemap.xml

Below is an example of Site Publisher files with WordPress. Select the Site Publisher files and directories and delete.

Delete cPanel Site Publisher files from WordPress install

Option 2 – Advanced

Use htaccess to change the default priority. So index.php is loaded before index.html