Learn how to quickly publish your preview site (http://preview.example.com’) to a live domain. We also cover updating your user’s cPanel account to use the new domain as the Primary Domain.

This article assumes you’ve created the account in your cPanel/WHM with ‘preview.example.com’ as the Primary Domain.

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Parked domains
  3. Add example.com

Update WordPress

If your site is using WordPress or any other database-driven content you’ll need to update the domain to use the new domain name.

We recommend using Safe Search Replace.





Change Primary domain in cPanel

Add a temp domain

  1. Click Parked Domains.
  2. In the ‘Create a New Parked Domain’ text field, enter your existing domain but prefix a ‘1’ at the front.
    For example; 1example.com.
  3. Click Add Domain.
  4. Under the ‘Remove Parked Domains’ section find ‘example.com’ and click ‘Remove’

Swap the Primary domain in WHM

  1. Login to WHM
  2. Modify An Account
  3. Select example.com
  4. Click Modify
  5. Rename Primary Domain to ‘example.com’
  6. Click Save


  • Log back into cPanel (example.com)
  • Parked Domains
  • Remove 1example.com