No — although please do not think this means we’re not interested in helping you! Far from it. We would love to answer any questions you may have about your Ecenica service.

We know even in these digital times, not having a telephone number may seem strange, and possibly even suspicious to some. However after trying different approaches over the years, we’ve found providing online sales and support by email, live chat and our ticket system allows us to provide to be more effective than traditional phone support.

With this in mind we offer many ways of contacting Ecenica for technical assistance and obtaining information on the status of your service:

  • Ecenica Support site.
  • Email (Sales)
  • Support Ticket
  • Live Chat (Sales)
  • Service Status page.
  • Social Media

We do not offer technical support or sales by telephone at this time.

Why is online support better?

Typically, to answer a support issue your ticket will be escalated within our support department and shared amongst multiple members of our support team.

Issues are often complex, so having a detailed written record is easier for us to escalate amongst staff and allows us to research and resolve your issue faster than phone support.

Online support is faster, easier, let’s us keep our prices low without compromising service, and gives all-round better customer-service. It’s the future.

We promise to answer your questions quickly, in plain-English, free of unnecessary jargon and aim to resolve any issue in one ticket.