Run different PHP versions per directory, sub-domain or domain using the steps in this article. For example, your main account can run PHP 7.4 for your website in public_html and you can run PHP 7.3 in a sub-directory.

Please note, if you wish to change PHP for all websites on your account please use How to change PHP version on Ecenica Cloud Servers with cPanel WHM

  1. Log in to your WebHost Manager (WHM).
  2. Click List Accounts and log into the account you want to change the PHP version for.
  3. Click MultiPHP Manager.
    MultiPHP button in cPanel
  4. Select the domain, select the version of PHP you wish to use from the drop-down list and click Apply.
    Changing domain PHP version in cPanel


  • On Ecenica Cloud Servers with CloudLinux all domains will be set to inherited PHP Version by default. This ensures Select PHP Version is the main control of your account PHP version, extensions and settings.
  • On Ecenica Cloud Servers with CloudLinux we strongly recommend selecting a alt-php version. E.g. alt-php74 from the drop-down selector. This ensures the PHP version you are running loads the extensions and settings you’ve set in Select PHP Version for your account.