Learn why mail messages seem to disappear.

You may see the following:

  • You are sure you have new email but when you connect to your Ecenica mailbox using your email app you see no messages in your inbox.
  • You access Ecenica Webmail but cannot see your emails.
  • New messages disappear as you are looking at them.

Meanwhile, you can see your messages in your other folders but only ‘Inbox’ is missing messages.


If you are using a mail app like Outlook or Apple Mail and have configured it to use POP3 then your email is likely to have been downloaded to another location. POP3 is the default way of downloading your emails and by default many email applications are set to remove messages from the mail server after they have been downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

If you check the inbox of the computer you have configured to download your email you will find a copy of your emails.

To prevent this in the future be sure to configure your mail software to leave a copy of your emails on the server and not instantly remove them. See Using a POP account with multiple devices.