1. Login to your Admin area.
    Log into Magento Admin Page
    Login to your Admin area
  2. Click System > Import / Export > Profiles.
    Magento Import Menu
    Click System > Import / Export > Profiles
  3. Click the 3rd profile Import All Products.
    Magento Profiles Import and Export
    Click Import All Products
  4. Click Upload File from the left menu.
    Magento Upload File Menu
    Click Upload File
  5. Choose a file then click Save and Continue Edit button.
    Magento Upload File
    Select a file, click Save and Continue Edit
  6. Click Run Profile from the left menu.
    Magento Run Profile Button
    Click Run Profile
  7. Select the file you have just uploaded from the drop down list, then click Run Profile in Popup.
    Magento Run Profile
    Select the file, click Run Profile in popup
  8. The import will start in a popup. Note that the import will stop if the this window is closed.
    Magento Import
    Magento import popup
  9. Once the import has finished you can close the window.
    Magento Import Finished
    Magento finished import