We know finding out that your website or account has been hacked (defaced) by malicious activity can be stressful.

At present Ecenica does not offer any direct services to help with malware removal for websites that have been compromised. Instead, if you think your website has been compromised please follow these steps to secure and cleanup your website:

  1. Scan your device for viruses and malware using a virus scanning app such as AVG Anti Vrus Free Edition.
  2. Now change all your usernames and passwords.
  3. Scan your website files.
  4. Backup your website files and database. See How-to create a full backup of your cPanel account
  5. Update any website software installed on your website. For example WordPress frequently releases security updates to address known security weaknesses
  6. Clean up hacks.
    • clean up code injections
    • clean .htaccess hacks
    • re-install WordPress

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