The most common cause of timeouts are incorrect FTP credentials.

If you make multiple failed attempts to connect to your Ecenica web hosting using incorrect FTP details our servers will respond by temporarily blocking your IP address for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes your IP address will be reset and you’ll be able to access your account again.

If you continue to send incorrect login requests, our servers will protect themselves by permanently blocking your IP address. To remove this block please raise a support ticket.

First steps to resolve this issue are to check you’re using the correct settings. This can be down to a simply typo or incorrect FTP ports or connection settings.

Please check you’re using the correct FTP details and you’ve entered the username and password correctly in your FTP app.

If you are using FileZilla, try selecting ‘Only use plain FTP’ and connecting to see if that resolves your issue.

If you still have issues please open a support ticket and copy and paste your FTP Transcript Log and we’ll take a look for you.