Password Protect a Folder

  1. Login to your Ecenica cPanel.
  2. Click Password Protect Directories.
  3. Choose Web Root.
  4. To open a folder click the folder icon next to the folder name. Click Up one level to go back.
  5. Select the folder you wish to protect by clicking on its name.
  6. Click the Password protect this directory checkbox.
  7. Enter a name to the password protected directory. (This is the name visitors will see. It can appear as anything, no matter what the directory is called.)
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Go Back

Create a User

  1. Enter the username, password, and password confirmation in the boxes.
  2. Click Add/modify authorized user.

Remove a User

To delete a user from the protected folder list;

  1. Select the user name from the Authorized Users list.
  2. While the user name is highlighted, click Delete User to delete the account.

Remove Password Protection

  • To remove password protection from a folder, uncheck Password protect this directory.