1. Connect to your cPanel FTP
  2. FileZilla is split into two windows, local and remote. Local is shown on the left, and lists all the files on your PC or Mac. Remote is shown on the right and lists all the files stored on your Ecenica web space.
  3. On the remote side (right) locate your public_html folder. This is the folder where your website files will be stored. Any file you put inside of the public_html directory will be shown publicly at http://www.yourdomain.com – For this reason we recommend you do not upload sensitive or private files to the public_html folder.
  4. Double-click the public_html folder to open it.
  5. On the local side (left) navigate to where you have stored your website files on your PC or Mac.
  6. On the local side (left) select all your website files
  7. Click and drag them across to the remote (right) side
  8. If the copy is working then a transfer bar will appear at the bottom of FileZilla.
  9. Once FileZilla has finished copying your files, open your website http://www.mydomain.com/ in your web browser to see your new website.