In this article we show you how you can set a From name in Ecenica. By default, all your emails you send from Ecenica webmail will use your email address as the ‘from’ name. So your recipients will see something similar to when you send an email and they’ve not already got you saved in their address/contacts.

Setting your own from name or display name in Ecenica webmail tags your emails so when you send an email your recipients will see what you’ve chosen as your ‘from’ name, for example, ‘John Smith’, instead of your email address. It looks friendlier, more professional and easier to read.

Steps to set a From name in Webmail

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Identities.
  3. Click your Ecenica Email Address.
  4. Change the Display Name: This is the from name people will see on Emails sent from your email address.
  5. Click Save

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Please note: The from or ‘display name’ applies only to emails you send from Ecenica webmail. If you sending emails from your email app or device you will need to configure the ‘from’ name in the email app or device settings.